• Our Services and Strength

    • We are TUV accredited ISO13485 medical company, with Radioactive substances license, whole seller license for Pharmaceutical products, Permit to deal with Antibiotics, EDI with HK hospital authority 
    • One-Stop solution for principals including Regulatory Compliance, Sales & Marketing, Product Training, Clinical Support, Tendering, Logistics and After Sales Service
    • We also provide services of logistics, engineering, technical support and regulatory for small and medium size medical companies to establish their present in Hong Kong with minimal overhead but having ISO standard operations support 
    • Dedicate professional staff that has long history in the medical field
    • Proven record of success in marketing niche product

    our focus....main areas of srvices

    Medical  devices hong kong pacific medical
    Medical Devices
    hong kong medical logistics services
    Storage, Logistics, Billing Services
    nuclear medicine hong kong
    Nuclear Medinice
    pacific medical hong kong solution

    New Project Incubation

    Medical software hong kong
    Medical Software
    Medical  devices hong kong pacific medical
    Product Registration
  • Medical devices

    Strive for excellence in every field

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    • IONM
    • Breast Cancer Tumor Detection
    • Nasal Stent
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    • Contrast Medical Injection
    • HD IVUS
    • FFR
    • Rxi
    • IABP
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    • Radioactive Isotope
    • Drug-eluting Beads
    • RF Ablation

    Value-added software offers a robust backup system that instills trust and reliability, while also fostering employee motivation, productivity, collaboration, satisfaction, and retention from our valued guests. It surpasses mere efficiency and reliability, making substantial contributions to the holistic development and triumph of both individuals and organizations.
    Radiology and cardiology PACS and CLOS (catheterization laboratory inventory system)
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    Hospital related computer software "PACS"


    One PACS viewer for all radiology users: radiologists, technician and referrals are using identical user interface which only differs in the licensed features (e.g. MIP/MPR) and the user rights assigned to each user. Training and administration costs are reduced, and at the same time user satisfaction is increasing.



    • Progressive Loading/ Just in Time Loading
    • 2D Jobsave
    • Hanging Protocols
    • Automated software distribution
    • Centralized configuration and user profiles
    • MIP/MPR/VR
    • Multisite support by INFINITT Caching Server
    • Thinslice storage management
    • Scalable and highly availabale



    • Intuitive management and administration of the systemFast loading speed
    • Individually configurable user interfaces, hanging protocols and Layouts
    • Data security and availability
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    Catheterization Lab Operating System "CLOS"


    The CLOS software facilitates operations for hospital staff, significantly improving efficiency in inventory management and reducing the risk of stock wastage. By systematizing the storage data of existing inventory models in hospitals, the software provides clear and concise product inventory information at a glance.



    • Comprehensive inventory management and record
    • Useful alert for inventory status and expiration date Catheterisation Laboratory vital statistics
    • Multi lab support
    • Automatic ordering capability
    • HL7 compatibility


    • Save workload for cath lab manager and nurse
    • Easy to use with friendly interface
    • Avoid stock wastage and save money for the department

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    Save time and money on compliance qualifications in several ways

    PMC providing storage and stocking services in an accredited environment. This can help the principal meet the storage and handling requirements for their products in Hong Kong and avoid the significant costs of setting up their own storage facilities.

    Additionally, by utilizing PMC accredited storage facilities, principal can ensure that their products are stored in a compliant and secure manner, meeting all necessary regulatory requirements.

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    Stored in our qualified warehouse



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    PMC will issue an invoice to the hospital/clinic on your behalf


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    PMC will ensure timely delivery of the goods to the hospital/clinic


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    Bills Collection

    PMC will handle the billing process with the hospital/clinic.


    PMC offers a one-stop service for storage, invoicing, delivery, and billing. We can also customize solutions according to your specific requirements.
    Please feel free to discuss any specific needs with our logistics department consultants.
  • New Project Incubation

    Bringing innovative niche product in its infant stage into the market. Develop the product via intensive customer education and concept selling approach for the product to reach its maturity.

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    Professional team to analysis market potential
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    Develop appropriate marketing strategies for product pre-launch
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    Fomation of dedicated team for product launch

  • Product Registration

    Certify the product to demonstrate its quality.

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    Regulatory body

    MDD (Medical devices division) of

    Department of Health

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    Future trend

    Currently registration is still on voluntary basis but gearing towards mandatory


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    Implementing Medical Devices

    Administrative Control

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    Important of Registration

    Non registered products will have a significant disadvantage when it comes to marketing their devices to hospitals and healthcare professionals as they predominantly purchase devices on the MDACS.


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