• About us

    Since our establishment in 1999, Pacific Medical (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd,. thereinafter as "PMC" has been proudly serving the territories of Hong Kong and Macau. Over the past 24 years, we have built strong and lasting relationships with our key customers, as well as an extensive distribution network throughout the region. We have a proven track record of successfully launching niche products, and we continue to strive for excellence in all our platforms aspects of our business.

  • Our Mission

    We are dedicated to actively supporting exceptional medical devices and innovative treatment approaches, providing strategic thinking and access to transform resources to achieve market expansion. With a forward-thinking mindset, we actively seek out cutting-edge medical equipment and groundbreaking therapeutic methods that have the potential to revolutionize patient care. Our goal is to empower healthcare providers and organizations with the necessary tools and resources to effectively navigate the ever-evolving healthcare landscape and drive market growth.

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    Strategic Approach

    A new marklet

    Through our strategic approach, we aim to identify opportunities for market expansion, leveraging our expertise and network to connect healthcare professionals, key stakeholders, and patients with groundbreaking solutions.

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    Aggressive Expansion

    To Solve Challenges

    By fostering collaborations and adopting innovative technologies, we aim to enhance patient outcomes and drive advancements in healthcare. Together with our partners, we are dedicated to creating positive change, fostering growth, and leaving a lasting impact on the healthcare industry.

  • Our vision

    We envision a future where healthcare is being transformed through innovative medical devices and advanced treatment approaches. Our vision is to be at the forefront of driving groundbreaking advancements in healthcare, revolutionizing patient care, and improving medical outcomes. We strive to foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, bringing together industry experts, healthcare professionals, and research institutions to exchange knowledge, share best practices, and accelerate the development and adoption of cutting-edge technologies.

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    Forward -thinking mindset

    In New Markets

    By embracing emerging trends and disruptive innovations, we aim to shape the future of healthcare, creating a more accessible, efficient, and patient-centered healthcare system. 

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    Empowering Health and Well-being

    To Solve Social Challenges

    Through our efforts, we aspire to make a lasting impact on the well-being of individuals and communities, contributing to a healthier and brighter future for all.

  • Our leaders

    Balancing Forward-Thinking with Steady Development Enriching Experience with Innovation

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    Vivian Chou Chen


    2008 – Present​ ​Winsor Industrial Corporation Limited- Executive Director

    2000 – Present ​​Integrated Chinese Medicine Holdings Ltd.- Founder & Chief Executive Officer

    1999 – Present ​​Hong Kong Health Care Centre Ltd.


    1991 – Present​​Hong Kong Association of Health Care- Director

    2021 – Present​​Winsor Health Products Limited-Director

    2008 – Present ​​Herbs Products Ltd- Director

    2012 – Present ​​Wing Tai Properties Limited- Non-Executive Director

    2010 – Present ​Pacific Medical (HK) Co. Ltd- Director

    2012 – 2020 ​​Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association- Former President

    2020 – Present​​ Modernized Chinese Medicine International Association- Founder Member

    2005 – Present​ ​The Hong Kong Health Food Association Ltd- Vice President

    1999 – Present ​​Children’s Medical Foundation Asia Advisory Board Members

    1987 – Present​​ Yan Chai Hospital No.2 Secondary School- School Supervisor

    2009-Present​​ Hong Kong Suzhou Association Limited- Vice President

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    Daniel Cheng


    The founder and CEO of PMC had been working in the medical device industry for over 40 years.

    Prior to the establishment of PMC, Daniel had worked for large corporations like Medtronic, Biotronik and C.R. Bard as Regional Director.

    Daniel had extensive experience in the field of interventional cardiology, oncology and nuclear medicine and is well known as excellent marketer for niche products

    During the last decade, Daniel had been instrumental in helping LePu Medical to set up their subsidiary: Comed BV Co Ltd in Europe for the sales and marketing of their interventional cardiology products. Daniel is also one of the founders for setting up the first cGRPP nuclear medicine compounding laboratory: RIT Biotech Co. Ltd. in Hong Kong